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Disability and Global Development

“Troubling Activisms: Canada and transnational disability activism”  
by D. Stienstra
in K. Soldatic and K. Johnson (Eds). Global Perspectives on Disability Activism and Advocacy. Routledge, 2020, pp. 298-314.

“Canada’s Responses to Disability and Global Development”

by D. Stienstra and S. Estey

Third World Thematics, 1, 3 (2016).

Creative Encounters: Disability Studies meets Development Studies”
by D. R. Black and D. Stienstra.
in Third World Thematics, 1, 3 (2016).

“WPS, Gender and Disability”

by D. Stienstra

in S.E.Davies and J. True (Eds). Oxford Handbook of Women, Peace and Security. New York: Oxford University Press, 2019, pp. 618-27.

“Lost without way-finders? Disability, gender and Canadian foreign and development policy”
by D. Stienstra
in eds. Tiessen, R., & Baranyi, S. Obligations and Omissions: Canada’s Ambiguous Actions on Gender Equality. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017, pp. 115-138.
“Less than Equal: Canadian Foreign Policy and Disability”
by D. Stienstra

in H. Enns and A.H. Neufeldt, Eds.  (In) Pursuit of Equal Opportunity: Canada and Disability at Home and Abroad, Captus Press, 2003, pp. 346-60.

“Expanding evidence and expertise in impact assessment: Informing Canadian public policy with the knowledge of invisible communities”

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