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Rights are usually a foregone conclusion in Canada, however, when it comes to people with disabilities, their rights are sometimes overlooked, or, at best, not really taken into consideration. Accessibility matters, inclusion matters, but making sure these things are enforced and protected takes an entire population to shift its collective outlook. That shift starts with people like Deborah Stienstra, author of About Canada: Disability Rights, Second Edition. Where are we right now, and how far do we have to go?

In this three-part episode, we talk about the origins of the term intersectionality, what it can look like to take or integrate an intersectional lens in Disability Inclusive Development and ways in which researchers can apply intersectionality in their work.Come listen in as researchers and disability rights advocates Tammy Yates Rajaduri, Bonnie Brayton and Deborah Stienstra, talk about their extensive experiences and knowledge on the topic and be sure to listen to Parts 1, 2 and 3.

This month we celebrate women and in this episode, we celebrate Women and Girls with disabilities. We are joined by Deborah Stienstra and Bonnie Brayton to talk about a game-changing research project that seeks to co-create with women and girls with disabilities and center their experiences in identifying and addressing gaps in their inclusion. 

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