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Resource Extraction and GBA+

“Expanding evidence and expertise in impact assessment: Informing Canadian public policy with the knowledge of invisible communities”

by L. Levac, J. Stinson, S.M. Manning and D. Stienstra. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal. 39:3 (2021): 218-228

“Moving Away from Climate Crises: Women’s Engagement in Natural Resource Decision Making and Community Monitoring”
by L. Levac, J. Stinson, and D. Stienstra.
in Fletcher, Amber J., and Maureen G. Reed (eds). Gender and the Social Dimensions of Climate Change: Rural and Resource Contexts of the Global North. Routledge Earthscan, 2023, pp. 63-83.
GBA Plus in HIA: Opportunities, practices and guidelines for the federal impact assessment process.
by F. Waheed, J. Stinson, L. Levac, D. Stienstra and R. Tatham.
Prepared for Health Canada.  Intrisik, 2023.

Environmental Scan to Identify Domestic and International Good Practices to Integrate SGBA+ in Health Impact Assessment.

by M. Sax, J. Stinson, D. Stienstra,  L. Levac, & R. Tatham.

Prepared for Health Canada, 2021.

More Promise than Practice: GBA+, Intersectionality and Impact Assessment.
by D. Stienstra, S. Manning, and L. Levac.
Live Work Well Research Centre, 2020.
Strengthening Impact Assessments for Indigenous Women.
by S. Manning, P. Nash, L. Levac, D. Stienstra, and J. Stinson.
Ottawa: Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, 2018.
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