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My Research Networks

New economic development in northern Canada is changing communities socially, economically, and culturally. The Feminist Northern Network (FemNorthNet) is researching how these changes affect diverse northern women. We know there is a downside to "up" that can not be ignored.

The choices governments make now will have long-term effects in communities and regions across the country, and will change what, how and to whom public services are available in Canada. The decisions of one level of government may intensify the effects of changes made by other levels of government, and result in cascading effects. Choices about how and what public services to change will impact both historically marginalized and privileged social groups of women. This network explores the impact of these changes on women across Canada. 

(Re)building Inclusive Societies: Critical Reflections on Disability and Global Development is a partnership of researchers, disabled peoples' organizations and policy makers. The partnership will create and share knowledge about the situations of women and men, boys and girls with disabilities in global development, particularly in post-disaster and post-conflict situations.

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